Cabot Kjellerup Foundation

Grant Guidelines

The Cabot Kjellerup Foundation only accepts grant applications from organizations that have been invited to apply.

For more information, please contact us at or 610-742-2476

If you are invited to apply for a grant, the Cabot Kjellerup Foundation is interested in knowing who you are and how we can help you accomplish your goals. Below are the kinds of things you will be asked when you apply for funding.

  1. Mission Statement for your organization
    1. How does your organization and/or project align with our mission?
  2. Organization Background
    1. Your organization’s history, goals and accomplishments
    2. Current programs – who is served
    3. Successes/challenges
  3. Grant Narrative
    1. The people involved: their roles and experience
    2. Short and long term goals of the project
    3. How will the project be funded?
    4. Is this grant part of a larger project?
    5. Can the project be launched without the support of Cabot Kjellerup Foundation?
    6. How will you measure success?
  4. Other Required Information:
    1. List of Board of Directors
    2. IRS Determination Letter
    3. Most recent audit, if available, or Tax Form 990
    4. Organization Budget and Project Budget