Cabot Kjellerup Foundation

Reporting Process

The Cabot Kjellerup Foundation requires that a Final Report be submitted for the organizations we support.

  • Reports for grants that fund Special Projects or Events should be made within three (3) months after the completion of the project or event.
  • Reports for grants that fund General Operating Expenses, Facility Management, Programs or Endowment should be made within twelve (12) months after award.
  • Reports for all Multi-year grants should be made annually on the anniversary of the initial award.

Reports should address the following, as well as any additional information that you feel is relevant:

  • How were the long- and short-term goals you were hoping to achieve with this grant met or addressed?
  • How was the grant used? Describe its impact.
  • We understand that every project runs into challenges. What were some challenges that you faced with this project and how did you address them?
  • Where are you going from here?

Are there any pictures or evidential information about your project that you would be willing to share?